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The Silent Seeds of Spring


As winter folds to completion and the days begin to expand we are reminded of the internal light that held space for us over the last few months. Subtle yet strong, this light illuminates and supports us from the inside out.

Winter is a time for rest, a more introverted gaze, and a slower pace. In yoga we find deep connection to our source when we turn our awareness toward this inner sun, and it is here that we also find connection to the light in others. It is important for our health to follow the intuitive wisdom of our bodies which is informed by the natural curves of time and nature. In the midst of our busy lives this may be difficult – but it is the quality of the time and the intention that can create an environment of quiet grounding even in the midst of activity.

In our culture we give so much value to the busy and the productive with little respect for quiet time, play and rest.

It is in these quiet spaces that we find, gather and cultivate seeds that inspire us and evolve our lives. Now as the we turn our faces toward spring we can feel the pull of these seeds taking root. We can feel them hungry for water and the nourishment that the soil offers. We turn outward toward the sun. We awaken. We can feel the need for more activity and we begin to reach up and out.

Sit quietly. Close your eyes, turn inward toward your breath. What seeds do you quietly shelter in your heart? What ideas and dreams do you feel longing to bloom? What actions do you feel inspired to take? It could be as simple as calling an old friend or reading that book that has been at your bedside table for months.

Move your body – take yourself outside for walks under the open sky. Open your windows and let the air circulate around your home. Put on your favorite song and dance around your living room. Go to the nursery or local farmers market. Plan your spring garden. Try something new. Move your body. Shake up the energy. Add some seeds to your life and maybe even your menu.

Chia Seed Pudding

In your favorite bowl stir almost 3 teaspoons of chia seeds into a generous half cup of water or nut milk. Let it sit for an hour or so until the mixture becomes gelatinous and thick. You can also leave the mixture overnight in your fridge. The seeds are sprouting and they will be easier and more efficient to digest. For info on benefits of chia seeds read more at

Now for the fun part – create! I like to pour a little almond milk over the mixture and stir until creamy. Then I add sliced banana, a handful of nuts or granola, honey and any other fruit that makes me happy. Super easy! Super healthy.

Enjoy! Namaste and have a beautiful day.

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