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Moon Glow Seed


Over the weekend we transitioned through a new moon as we wax toward the first days of Spring. It is time to take deep cleansing breaths and exhale, emptying the dust in preparation for fresh new growth.

A cup empty and ready to fill, consider what you are feeding yourself – not just the food, but also the images, the thoughts, the environment. Are there any that are not serving you? What habits are lingering in the shadows waiting for you to call on them?

In this new moon glow,

plant a seed,

and allow the universe to nourish it.

Be open to what arrives,

not what you expect to see.

The refection of your expectations can be powerful.

Be thoughtful with that seed.

Plant your feet on the ground,

allow the air to flow in and out of your lungs,

cleansing and energizing.

As you inhale,

float your arms up overhead.

Exhale and release.


As your conscious

awareness lands gently onto your breath,

allow the breath to clear a space deep within.

In this clearing,

present the intention of what you would like grow.

Cover it gently with your heart.

Deep inhale.

Deep exhale.

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