Begin With and Inhale


All things meaningful and consequential begin with an inhale. The moment you were born, the intake before you exhale the words that lead you into a difficult conversation, a kiss on the lips. Think of that breath you suck in before diving into a body of water from a height – how it sustains you as you merge with the density of the water and then resurface only to take that next breath.


Or maybe it is that you find yourself holding on tight to your breath like a bird trapped in your ribcage when you are concentrating with effort on something challenging.


When things seem to be moving too fast, spinning out of control – slowing down the breath, deepening your breath can bring you back – slow, steady and intentional.


Is it that moment when something takes your breath away that stops time? For that brief pause we are suspended outside ourselves and in that space a transition. A shift may take place. The suspension between breaths, a threshold moving you from one space to another. This is where change takes place, where the choices we make come alive and are released into the world.


Consider the first breath you take as you cross the calendar into a new year. It is filled with so much hope, so much promise, so many dreams, and so many good intentions. It is ripe and full and bright like the moon. Each breath marches you forward into your future.


With the breath we can break habits and create new ones. With our breath we can destroy or we can heal.


Each inhale a request. Each exhale a surrender. Each breath a prayer.


Sit quietly for a moment on this first day of 2021. On an exhale close your eyelids and surrender your vision inward. Follow the breath – it is your own personal angel escort taking you to the center of our heart. Now consciously release your breath and for a moment remain suspended in that quiet center. Allow the inhale to arrive organically and effortlessly like a warm welcome breeze. Repeat a few times. Observe.


This is the place where we set intentions, where we create new habits and break those that no longer serve us. This is what the trees do – only so much slower, as we watch the seasons shift and evolve. This is where we let go. This is where we live consciously and make healthy choices. This is where we pray. This is where we live. This is where we love. Wishing you a beautiful and joyful New Year!

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