Michelle Didner

Functional Nutritionist


Are you looking to optimize your health-span to meet the next stage of your life with energy and time to do all the things that are important to you? 

Do you have autoimmune, hormonal or digestive disorders that interfere with your quality of life?
Do you feel underfed, undernourished and overwhelmed by all the confusing nutrition advise out there?
Are you eating healthy and exercising but not getting the most out of your efforts? 

My unique approach applies functional nutrition integrated with tools to balance the nervous system integrated with the medicine of movement. Looking at your unique story, biochemistry, and goals; your prescription will bridge the space between where you are and your optimal health, not just for today, but for years into the future.

3 Months to a Healthier You Package

This package is the most effective way to meet your goals and make changes that last! 

The initial assessment includes a diagnostic questionnaire, food journal, review of any current lab work and a 90-minute initial meeting via zoom

This will include:

  • Support and tips for staying on point to meet your goals
  •  12 weekly or bi-weekly 30-minute follow-up meetings either in person, zoom or by phone with email and DM access between sessions for questions and support. 
  • Meal planning, recipes, and food integration that evolves during the program 
  • Supplement consultation, evaluation and recommendations 
  • Exercise program design, nutrition support and follow up 
  • Personalized tools and supplements to help manage stress and sleep issues

As a certified and licensed nutritionist and movement expert I can help. I have devoted the last 20 years to sharing my understanding of health with my writing, teaching, counseling and speaking engagements. 

Functional nutritionists set the standard for personalized nutrition practice and must have a masters of science degree– mine is in human nutrition. My training covered extensive biochemistrydisease stateshealth and healing as well as functional medicine. In contrast registered dietitians (RD’s) are not required to have a masters degree and their training remains focused on standardized nutritional guidelines.

I have been trained to see beyond conventional nutrition and approach each individual from a functional medicine perspective utilizing evidence based tools and skills. My training included learning how to apply and layer therapeutic diet plans that are specific to the biological chemistry of each individual.  

I am here to help you on your health journey! I am taking on new clients and would love to chat moreclick here to learn more!