Michelle Didner

Functional Nutritionist


As a nutritionist, yoga teacher and wellness educator I will – 

Give you tools to support your body to optimize health.

Personalize a nutrition plan just right for you.

Provide a nutrition plan that fits your unique lifestyle that allows you to stay on track when you are traveling and in restaurants.

Work with you to expand your diet once the therapeutic stage has been completed if one was used.

Offer support around exercise, sleep and stress management to help you meet your goals.
Identify the obstacles that may be keeping you from making progress in the past. 

Simplify the complex landscape of information that you are being exposed to in the media with nutrition ‘gurus.’ 
Offer easy and delicious recipes for food to nourish and heal your body. 
I will meet you where you are and we will work together to meet your lifestyle and health goals.

5 Sessions to a Healthier You Package 1

  • 75 minute initial consultation on zoom
  • Four 30 minute followup consultations either on zoom or by phone
  • Continued menu planning, recipes, and food integration
  • Supplement recommendations
  • Exercise program design and followup
  • Mindfulness, stress and sleep management
  • Message access for questions and support

Functional nutritionists set the standard for personalized nutrition practice and must have a masters of science degree– mine is in human nutrition. My training covered extensive biochemistrydisease stateshealth and healing as well as functional medicine. In contrast registered dietitians (RD’s) are not required to have a masters degree and their training remains focused on standardized nutritional guidelines.

I have been trained to see beyond conventional nutrition and approach each individual from a functional medicine perspective utilizing evidence based tools and skills. My training included learning how to apply and layer therapeutic diet plans that are specific to the biological chemistry of each individual.  


I am here to help you on your health journey! I am taking on new clients and would love to chat more, click here to learn more!